Solid waste: These are the solid materials and purification sludges that shall be removed properly with regards to protecting environment and providing the community peace and which are aimed to be removed by their own producers.

Within protected fields, proper storage facilities are being constructed in order to remove solid wastes. Furthermore, building Solid Waste Transfer Station, searching for new removal systems and Rehabilitation of Savage Storing Fields are being performed as activities.

Our Solid Waste Disposal Methods

Regular Storage: Storing the solid wastes to the storage field, which has gas collecting pipes in order to collect the gases that may occur, and which has specially prepared ground and has its own drainage system provided before. Within a regular storage facility there are weighing machine, impervious cabin, drainage system, gas control, compactor and buldozer, gas control, daily cover layers.

Recovery: Recovering wastes (paper-cardboard, plastic, glass etc.) that are available for reproduction by seperating them.
Compost: Soil improving material produced by seperating solid wastes based on organic materials in aerobic and anaerobic environment.



  • Guidance-consultancy
  • Preparing Solid Waste Regular Storing Field Projects
  • Building Solid Waste Regular Storing Field
  • Conducting Solid Waste Regular Storing Field