One of the most important environment problems of our country is not to remove the medical wastes that have the danger of threatening the human health because of not collecting them separately.

Medical waste is an important waste group which has a high level of risk. These wastes create a big danger in terms of medical personel, patients, community health care and environment due to the fact that they include many dangerous materials. Medical wastes consist of dangerous materials such as dangerous chemicals, drugs, toxines, radioactive materials besides they become infected

We make our information and experience that we had in waste management sector harmless for human health by transferring it to waste disposure field.


  • Microbiological laboratory wastes
  • Used surgical scrubs (fabric, apron and gloves etc.)
  • Dialysis wastes (waste water and equipments)
  • Karantina atıklarını, 
  • Bakteri ve virüs içeren hava filtrelerini,
  • Enfekte deney hayvanı leşleri, organ parçaları, kanı ve bunlarla temas eden tüm nesneleri,
  • Vücut parçaları, organik parçalar, plasenta, kesik uzuvlar, (insani patolojik atıklar),
  • Biyolojik deneylerde kullanılan kobay leşlerini
  • Enjektör iğnelerini, İğne içeren diğer kesicileri, Bistürileri, Lam-lameli, Kırılmış diğer cam v.b. nesneleri, kapsamaktadır.